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Creating Excel add-ins using the xll library

Creating Excel add-ins from scratch is not trivial, as anyone who has attempted to do so using the Microsoft Excel SDK soon realizes. A good exercise would be to download that and attempt to create your own add-in.

Back already? I can't blame you.

An xll add-in is just a dll with well-known entry points. When the add-in is opened, Excel looks for a function called xlAutoOpen and calls it. The job of xlAutoOpen is to register functions that extend the functionality of Excel.

The xll library provides this and other well-known functions so you don't have to write them. All you need to do is create AddIn objects with the information Excel needs to register add-in functions (or macros). To create the add-in function XLL.EXP that calls the C standard library double exp(double) function all you need to write is:

#include <cmath>
#include "xll/xll.h"

using namespace xll;

static AddIn xai_exp(
	"XLL.EXP", "Number"
double WINAPI xll_exp(double number)

	return exp(number);

Click on each class to learn more.

class description
AddIn The class for creating Excel add-in functions and macros.
OPER The variant datatype corresponding to a cell or range of cells.
Excel Calls Excel internal functions and macros.
Register Call xlfRegister with the appropriate arguments.
Args Arguments passed to Register.
FP A two dimensional array of floating point numbers.
Handles Embed C++ objects in Excel.
Enum Enumerated values.
Auto Run macros from xlAutoXXX functions.

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