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The Args class represents the arguments passed to Register. It can also be used for creating beautiful documentation using Sandcastle. The member functions correspond to the arguments required by xlfRegister except for the function Documentation which allows for additional documentation to be generated by the macro XLL.DOC.

The AddIn data is used to generate Microsoft AML documents that Sandcastle can process into various forms of documentation. See the excellent Sandcastle MAML Guide for all the details. By default, the macro generates a Conceptual topics page that shows the Syntax and contains a table of the arguments to the function along with a short description.

The optional first argument to AddIn::Documentation is a string that will added to the Remarks section unless it starts with a left angle bracket (<). In that case it is assumed the string already contains all the necessary markup and is pasted directly into the Conceptual document being generated. If an optional second argument is provided it will be placed in the See Also section of the document. Use xml::xlink and xml::externalLink to create internal cross references and external links respectively.

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